Critters are UP!

This project has been a long time coming

and although it is not yet finished,

we are soooo much closer.

This mural is a true labor of love for all involved.

Anna Mary a fantastic artist. Her beautiful paintings are the more realistic ones.

Her granddaughter, Lauren,  is a client rider at SIRE.

LaDana is Lauren’s mother, Anna Mary’s Daughter.

Although she claims to not be talented she has more creativity in her little finger . . .

you know the rest.

LaDana is also a trouper painting most of the backgrounds,

voicing her opinion when Anna Mary and/or I get carried away.

In general keeping everyone in line!

LaDana’s husband, Rodney, works out of town but was there to help at the most

critical times.

Priming, repairing woodwork so we could paint. Fixing the stall windows – actually creating new windows.

I, of course, volunteer at SIRE as

 leader: leading the horse for the rider

sidewalker: supporting riders in any way needed and

DHP: tacking horses for riders

Now that everyone is introduced on with the show.

Previously at the SIRE tacking barn.


The before photo.


Mr. Bud checking the supplies.


From back to front: Anna Mary, Lauren and LaDana

as we were painting primer.

A little more than 5 gallons to prime the very rough and thirsty wood.

By this time the heat was on in Houston (Spring, TX) and we could not take more than

about four hours out there.

As we all continued to paint the barn,

Anna Mary and I worked on sketches for animals

to be cut out of wood, painted and applied later to the barn.


Anna Mary did all of her beautiful horse illustrations on the stall windows.

This is what you see when the windows are closed.

When open, the panels blend into the mural and either the horses are in the stall

or the meadow and trees of the SIRE property are framed by the windows.

See the large photo below.

So here we are.

About a year and a half after beginning this project,

this week we have finally finished most of the barn painting

and applied the animals.


Fun details like adding a lily pad and fish to talk to the frog.

Dragon Flies and Fire Flies.


Grounding the animals like the pig.

Then, of course, we must all sigh off!

After that day

I will make one final post of the barn in all it’s glory

with all of us who gave our love, time and talent to

this small but mighty group that gives so much to so many.

SIRE – Spring, TX Site

Cheers all!

Have a Doodle Day.


About debbiedoodlesink

Illustrator ~ Painter of Furniture ~ Recycle and upcycle, Lover of Glitter and all things Fanciful. Please stand by as changes and updates come to this site during 2019. Cheers!
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4 Responses to Critters are UP!

  1. Very funny animals it must have been a massive amount of work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laetitia says:

    It must have been a massive amount of work to paint these big walls, your animals are very funny!!


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