I can be very trying . . .


so my last post was September 2015

and was about making headway with my Zazzle Store.

It’s not like I have been sitting around doing nothing!

I can not believe how much time and organization

these things take!

I am trying.

Step Stools on my Etsy Store are

finally going well after going through some big supply changes.

After being disappointed by new steps from a vendor

I designed my own step stool that I build myself!

Picture this

your Etsy store is all set and ready to accept Christmas Orders

and the order you receive from a vendor you have been faithful to for 15 years

ships a less than acceptable product in OCTOBER.

I was gearing up and already accepting Christmas Orders!


The process to design, build a prototype,

make adjustments, build another prototype,


Me and my new saw. Thanks to my husband, Roger. Also Thanks to my friend Rick who let me use his miter saw to get me through Christmas orders.

find packaging, make adjustments to existing designs,

and still ship before Christmas . . .

Doodle Step Design

Naked wood step stool design

well, some were delivered Christmas Day (local deliveries)

some did not make the day and were late,

and one was returned to redo because the customer did not like some of the changes.

With valid reason. One grandchild already had the previous step and she needed the new step to be as equal as possible.

Growing pains.

I am so very grateful for these customers,

their patience and understanding.

This was going to be about Zazzle.

So, guess I will tell you more about that at another time.

These are the new step designs that will roll out in March

along with some new items to coordinate with steps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The designs for the name on the top step are purchased from

MayPLDigital art on Etsy. Love her whimsical designs.

Now, along with the steps,

I am working on Zazzle.

Slowly adding items.

More updates to come on the SIRE barn too.

Thank you for hanging with me through this post.

Have a Doodle Day!

Remember the words of Mr. Magorium,

“Your life is an Occasion,

Rise to it.”

Cheers to you!


About debbiedoodlesink

Illustrator ~ Painter of Furniture ~ Recycle and upcycle, Lover of Glitter and all things Fanciful. Please stand by as changes and updates come to this site during 2019. Cheers!
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2 Responses to I can be very trying . . .

  1. debbiegoode says:

    Oh my goodness….what a time you had! It is so NOT easy…..wearing so many hats and trying to sort it all out. Congrats…..sounds like you made it through and managed to keep your sanity and your customers happy!


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