Optimism 4

Hi! In case anyone was wondering about all the optimism quotes . . . they are a place keeper. June is my birth month . . . yes, 61 this year. I made a commitment to myself to do 365 days of “optimism – happiness – giving.” It was important to me to begin on June 1, 2014. But, of course, I was not quite ready and have not yet figured out how optimism – happiness – giving will take creative form.

So, while I engage in reconnecting with my happy optimistic side, which by the way is not gone or lost, just temporarily hidden under some clutter, quotes or what ever else I find will be the “warm up.”

I am OPTIMISTIC that by my birthday I will be creating a little ray of sunshine in this space that will be a bright spot in your day.

Cheers! Here is today’s quote from Audrey Hepburn
“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.”

Have a Doodle Day! See you tomorrow.

About debbiedoodlesink

Illustrator ~ Painter of Furniture ~ Recycle and upcycle, Lover of Glitter and all things Fanciful. Please stand by as changes and updates come to this site during 2019. Cheers!
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