Step Stools Galore!

The end of September was filled with step stools.

Step Stools are Fun

Step Stools fit into any decor, color or theme!

Step Stools are COLORFUL!

Step Stools really let me play and experiment. They almost always involve

Paint and Glitter!

I really love that they will usually be around and see loads of use

for several years.

Step Stools painted with so much joy and care

make a great gift!

About debbiedoodlesink

Illustrator ~ Painter of Furniture ~ Lover of Horses, Glitter and all things Fanciful. Illustration is just the beginning of what can turn into fabulous welcome banner for a new baby, a book, a greeting, a step up in the world or upcycled recycled furniture and decor. Come follow the glitter trail.
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